Distinctive. Historic. Downtown.
Formed in 1988, The Shaffran Companies is a premier full-service real estate company specializing in historic loft apartments, small user office and commercial spaces.

Imagine historic buildings and lofts in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here, you will find The Shaffran Companies, the largest and most prominent owner of loft-style apartments and business spaces. As the leader that reintroduced loft-style living to Ann Arbor, The Shaffran Companies has transformed turn-of-the-century, historic lofts into highly livable and workable spaces.

Uniquely Different

Historic buildings are uniquely different. “It’s the crack in the wall, exposing the beauty and color of the old brick. It’s the high ceilings, hardwood floors, and the old signage that extends across some units. It’s the use of simple and natural materials and the character, architecture, and size of the space. They’re custom, someone’s hands created them, not a machine. You can’t build them today the way they were built 100 years ago, yet you can definitely enjoy them.”

Edward A. Shaffran, Owner/Founder of The Shaffran Companies